Enjoying our Christian fellowship

Acts 2:42 says:

They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

Fellowship is one of the most important elements of our faith. It is in our fellowship with believers that we have strength and power as we are plugged into the very body of Christ in our local Christian fellowship.

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God’s fingerprints are everywhere

God’s fingerprints are everywhere, and He is writing a story.

He’s creating a story with my life. With your life. With all of creation.

Do you see God wherever you look?

When you look at creation?

When you look into the eyes of a child?

When you look in the faces of those you love?

When you look into the faces of your church family?

Every story, Donald Miller reminds us, has a character and each character has conflict. Each character has to learn to persevere because, “. . . conflict is the only way a character actually changes. There is no character development without conflict.”

What kind of story is God writing in your life?

Is conflict present?

Often, we don’t see God in the pain. After all, it’s painful.

God embraced conflict in His story. Do you remember? Living life as a human He got to know what it was like to struggle and suffer. Then, when it can’t really be any worse, he was crucified.

That was painful.

We know that, even now, creation is groaning, waiting for rebirth. (Romans 8:22)

Therefore, when you experience pain, although it’s hard to see, God is writing your story. His fingerprints are present.

Do you see God’s fingerprints?

Look around you.

Ps 19